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Popular FAQs

Click the Access your Health Record button.
Locate your practice by typing in the practice name OR the practice code.

The practice code is a unique, six-letter code that identifies the practice, and it can be found on the practice’s Patient Portal website.

Type in the city/state and then click Go.

Select your practice from the list. If your practice is not on the list, please reach out to your practice directly and ask them to join the listing!

To log in for the first time.
Review the tour of healow App by swiping to the right.

Tap Get Started when you’re ready to begin

If you know your practice code, enter it in the Enter Practice Code

On the button wheel, tap My Records.
Tap the Results icon.

Your Portal account opens.

Your Labs window opens and displays all labs that have been posted by the doctor’s office. Click the lab to view to see the results.

To change your e-mail account on the healow app, tap Check in
Tap on the triangle in the upper left corner

Tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner:

Scroll down to the e-mail field. Update your e-mail address and tap Done:

Your e-mail address is now updated on the app.

On the My Accounts screen, tap the Accounts.
Tap Add New Account.

On the Select Relationship screen, select the option that best describes your relationship to the person whose account is being added, then tap the Save button:

Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth and then tap the Continue button:

Tap either Yes, I have a Practice Code or No, I don't have a Practice Code:

If you have a practice code, enter it on the Practice Code screen and then tap the Next button:

If you do not have a practice code, search for the practice by provider and location and then tap the name of the user’s practice:

Verify that the selected practice is correct and then tap the This is My Practice button

Verify your account using one of the following options:

Select the number to which the phone verification code is to be sent and then tap Sent Text. Enter the verification code on the Phone Verification screen.

Swipe up on the Or Login with Username, enter the user’s Patient Portal login credentials, then tap the Submit button:

Read the Terms of Use Agreement and then tap the I agree to the terms & conditions button:

Create a 6-digit security PIN:

Now the account is linked

Recently Added

The following apps are compatible with healow trackers.
Dexcom: Reports
Fitbit: Heart Rate, Floors, Steps, Distance, Calories, BMI, Sleep
Glooko: Blood Glucose, Reports
Google Fit: Steps, Distance, Calories
iHealth: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Steps, Distance, Calories, BMI, Sleep
Qardio: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, BMI
Telcare: Blood Glucose
Omron: Blood Pressure
Welch Allyn Home: Blood Pressure
Withings: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Steps, Distance, Calories, BMI, Sleep

Fitbit no longer supports API OAuth Login using Facebook or Google
When linking your Fitbit account to healow, a login screen managed by Fitbit will be presented to you. When logging in, you must use an email and password that is associated with your Fitbit account, as Fitbit no longer supports the ability for users to login using the Facebook or Google method.

Please be advised that due to the recent discontinuance of the Moves app and the closure of Jawbone, healow is no longer receiving any data from these partners. You should be able to view historical data from both partners from the time you first linked your Jawbone or Moves account to healow, up to the day these partners discontinued their products.

Open your appointment and click the pencil icon to the right of My Notes.
Add any notes or comments as needed.

When you have finished entering your notes, click Done. The notes display under the appointment details.

Any notes added to a scheduled appointment will not be seen the doctor through the app; these notes are for your use and viewing only. Review any relevant notes with your doctor during your next visit.

The healow app is an extension of the Patient Portal, so when an update is made to the new medication list, you will be alerted the next time you open your app. You will be prompted to select whether you agree to take, are continuing to take, or choosing not to take (stopping) the medication.